Black-ishA: « Réflexion de l’époque passée sur la vie d’un rêveur noir perçu minoritaire »

Always remember that our subconscious mind absorb the perception… so if people tell you that you are a minority , it’s in order to make your subconscious mind perceive it ;


so it’s important to always keep your self esteem at the highest level possible…

Rappelez-vous toujours que notre subconscient absorbe la perception … donc si les gens vous disent que vous êtes une minorité, c’est afin de le faire intégrer dans votre subconscient;

il est donc important de toujours garder l’estime de vous au plus haut niveau possible …


«Reflection from the past era into the life of a temporal free pass Black Dreamer »

« Réflexion de l’époque passée sur la vie d´un rêveur noir perçu minoritaire »




my attacker is a repeat offender and no reaction.


update / update:

Thank you all for your support. I will answer very quickly …

I was assaulted at my home by a disturbed person and the assault was hateful. I was tough on the police at the start because they kept calling me by the first name of my attacker but mistakes happen and they were very responsive anyway.

Extract from my assault report from the police that we finished at the hospital before asking for a copy before it get « lost »

The general hospital with borderline treatment racially profiled…

#hopitalgeneralmontreal: isolation without painkillers,
first suture attempt without anesthesia,

Follow-up does not exist and consists of a plan to return it to their eye health department.

But how to do a medical follow-up when the only care apart from the suture is an infusion without the infusion but just the red-tipped needle, stuck in the arm;

I used the aspirin box and an ice pack from my apartment that was in my bag to make the ambulance trip

(careful because I know the methods of paramedics whom have had 3 experiences of false alarms due to « panic attacks » and a profiled borderline treatment on their part as well, and mockery of disadvantaged people and not adequate according to their perception of a correct individual to their eyes. #fact (I saw and heard in the corridors of the hospital, while I was lying on one of the stretchers…)

and the use in 2020 of non-biodegradable sutures …

No prescription, no indication or possible treatment,

After waiting from 4a.m. ( not sure)to 5 p.m., I managed to get the internet and pop a message online and suddenly,

an (eye) doctor arrives, so I asked :
«Do we have to post on Instagram to have a doctor here?, it’s great! « 

# traumaexperience but grateful to be alive …
My abuser lives on the corner of my street
But thanks anyway!


#gay #black #Montréal , #MinorityReport,

ça donne ceci.

My dears,

#racismsystemique ou lenteur du système,

mon agresseur est un récidiviste et aucune réaction.


mise à jour /update:

Merci à tous pour votre soutien. Je répondrai très vite…

J’ai été agressé à mon domicile par une personne dérangée et l’agression était à caractère haineux. J’ai été dur avec les policiers au départ car il m’ont sans cesse appelé par le prénom de mon agresseur mais les erreurs arrivent et ils furent très réactifs malgré tout.

L‘hôpital général  au traitement borderline racially profiled…

#hopitalgeneralmontreal :isolement sans calmant,
première tentative de suture sans anesthésie,

Suivi inexistant et consistant à un plan donné à ma sortie afin de me rendre à leur département de la santé de l’œil..

Mais comment faire un suivi médical lorsque les seuls soins hormis la suture sont une perfusion sans la perfusion  mais juste l’aiguille à extrémité rouge, plantée dans le bras;

j’ai utilisé la boîte d’aspirine et une poche de glace de mon appartement qui étaient  dans mon sac afin de faire le trajet en ambulance

( précautionneux car je connais les méthodes des ambulanciers ayant eu 3 expériences de fausses alertes dues à des « paniques attack »et un traitement borderline profilé de leur part également, et moqueries des personnes défavorisées et pas adéquat selon leur perception d’un individu correct à leurs yeux. #fact( j’ai vu et j’ai entendu dans les couloirs de l’hôpital, pendant que j’étais allongé sur une des civières …)

et l’utilisation en 2020 de fils de suture non biodégradables…

Pas d’ordonnance pas d’indication ni de soins éventuels,

Après avoir attendu de 5 h du matin à 17h, j’ai réussi à avoir internet et popter un message en ligne et soudain,

un médecin ( des yeux) débarque, je lui répond donc : il faut poster sur Instagram pour avoir un médecin ici c’est génial ! »

#traumaticexpérience but grateful to be alive…
Mon agresseur vit au coin de ma rue
Mais merci quand même!


systemic racism or slowness of the system,

My attacker is a repeat offender and no reaction @marcmillervillemarie

update :
Thank you all for your support. I will answer very quickly …

I was assaulted at my home by a disturbed person and the assault was of a hateful nature. I was tough on the police at the start because they kept calling me by the first name of my attacker but mistakes happen and they were very responsive anyway.

The general hospital with borderline treatment racially profiled…

#hopitalgeneralmontreal: isolation without painkillers
first suture attempt without anesthesia and the use of non absorbable thread in 2020.

My attacker lives on the corner of my street
But thanks anyway!


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✍🏾#busylineitseems ✍🏾


« i recently had an encounter where I was called “primal and lack of emotion control with a tone of entitlement, this white person seemed like feeling to not get an entitled” right”…
this was…


while having a very calm attitude towards it…which didn’t erased the fact that I was indeed described as the cliché
“angry black man”.

my usual self, would have done an impulse move because of implausible of anger but,  in the current context, I choose my battles so I decided that this individual  needed Jesus and not the precious minutes of my life to try to

« educate » the person, regarding the impact of  certain Choice of words during this current context.


So, You, how would you do?


✍🏾#busylineitseems ✍🏾

  • My own perception of take on this if I wanted to answer :
  • Dear inconsiderate person,
  • “even your body felt some incomfort in this situation at one point, and this on the other hand empowers your supposed opponent by centuries of unfairness,
  • Darker skin version…

but I think we are more similar than you think and we therefore should level up the world,


So what are we waiting for? »

🎼#Never tired of #fighting🎼

Just #tired of #unfairly fighting


✍🏾#busylineitseems ✍🏾

🎼#Never tired of #fighting🎼

Just #tired of #unfairly fighting #whiteprivilegecanyouhearme???.
✍🏾#busylineitseems ✍🏾

My Dears,

2001: a « friend »saying to me talking about my race:« honey je ne fais même plus gaffe à ta couleur, tu es comme nous… je ne te vois même pas noir…tu t’exprimes tellement bien! »

Ce qui passa à l’époque pour un compliment au jeune homme en self-discovery  without any knowledge of all the answers, résonne dans ma tête depuis les événements récents, que la norme voulue de l’époque Valorisait la réussite en cédant son identité à un pâle consensus de notre moi profond.

Toujours en quête de self découverte, j’ai pris conscience que la plupart des gens moi inclus et notre perception personnelle du

« in » et du « out » changeaient,it or not, au gré  des seasonal 🎼ashion week…

Tels des poissons rouges de la vie, nous faisons et défaisons les perceptions sur les groupes communautaires,les Blacks , les LGBTQ, l’essor économique chinois et leur nouvelle image…


De décennies en décennies, le manque d’acceptation a toujours constitué le moteur principal des grandes ères de changement….

avec des figures de proue,

eg. Oprah,
Ava Duvernay,

What passed at the time as a compliment to the young man in self-discovery without any knowledge of all the answers, resonates in my head since recent events, that the desired norm of the time Valued success by ceding his identity to a pale consensus of our inner self.

Always in search of self discovery, I realized that most people include me and our personal perception of

“In” and “out” changed, it or not, according to the seasonal 🎼ashion week…

Like the goldfish of life, we make and undo perceptions about community groups, Blacks, LGBTQs, China’s economic boom and their new image …


Decades after decades, lack of acceptance has always been the main driver of great eras of change….

with figureheads,

eg. Oprah,

Ava Duvernay,

( Please seing 13th from Ava is a duty if you are really serious about starting to educate yourself instead of yapping like a #misterknownothingatall in your questionable style.

And also, why all the magazines use as an automatic reflex, a picture of a minority to portray their subjects regarding their topics about the sensitive subjects even when the subject implies more caucasiens???

(Sorry Im mad but it really coming from the deepest love)

but still,despite it, getting still your white privileged free pass…

Minorities, to even be almost considered have to dressed and haircut a certain way to be labeled
« almost acceptable » but this indelibly stamped derogatory « minorities » still sticking hobo chewing gum style.
I dearly respect & love all attempt to be unique in fashion of course even the most questionable ones…

As you may have noticed,

I’m far from perfect, “oversharing” as a way to overcompensate a lack of self esteem use to be my way to feel the hole of insecurities which with time start

fading away , started block childhood Alley…

too I, not A enough, to O …

i have a cynical sense of repartee when I feel hurt, snipper style…

….but still on the learning track of my

man ✍🏾ife…

Mainly I always knew that our subconscious absorb the perception… so if people tell you that you are a minority , it’s to make your subconscious mind think that so it’s important to always keep your self esteem at the highest level possible…

but, what is a man, actually?

For me, my late brother was what a man should be…

Minorities life is not a reality show where in order to be perceived as A good human rights citizen, you fake the rage but act the complete white privileged part.


#owningyourmistake & #listening in order

to be part of a better slightly fair society is the real honorable rôle part to play in

your ✍🏾ife.

Tyler Perry for the black community, Ellen & Ryan Murphy for gays rights but mostly Shonda Rhimes for all the mentioned above.

Mastering the art of MediaMedia for the good this time…. in order to wash away the patriarchy brainwashing that happened  before.

Back to my story, being name calling for being who you  are can even come from the most unexpected and disappointing places: even family,…

These perceived flaws at the time, actually are the ones that makes me specific and unique in order to be able to abord the life journey with less apprehension…

The acceptance has to come from us and for that, we have to rely on a figure with more exposition than us;

or « %idols » that make us have

a purpose of ✍🏾ife….

I saw the vidéo of #GeorgeFloyd and I was really thinking of something made for tv because it was unreal to me in 2020…

then the rage, the reminiscing and the why? went all over my head for days…

i have a big bold Beautiful Black family that I love despite some temporary misunderstandings or real hurting, we make the work in order to stick together.

that means love, right?

so this situation could happen to any members of your loved ones….Only the minorities community « benefit »of this exclu…sive « treat »…

Then I realized that even subliminal subtil racism still exists at every level of accomplishment…

eg i used to work for an italien brand and we as a team for this to work made an astonishing profit for our head company whom was strongly opposed to some rentable ideas that finally were profitables.

so instead of financial compensation for surpassing numbers expectations, I got …phrases …with a little smell of …differences…

just like the prefecture of Paris waiting room or even the halls of some airport  for minorities…or their destination…

Non, chère ex boss, être le seul noir à ce poste dans cette région n’est en aucun cas un motif valable pour dévaluer le travail commun d’une équipe douée et qui méritait son dû sur une idée mienne #internetretail, descendue par vous à maintes reprises et que j’ai mise au point de chez moi avec mon iPad et mes réseaux et adresse e-mail personnelle car on m’avait privé d’internet afin que je ne m’y hasarde plus malgré de gros objectifs fixés en haut lieu of course avec une nouvelle option professionnelle non choisie:la patienter . Mais soyons heureux nous sommes noirs en région de rêve . La dévaluation psychologique additionnée à un réel coup de massue de la confrontation aux réelles vraies natures humaines sur prenantes et à 1000 lieux de l’idée utopique du paradis professionnel imaginé .

Les chiffres ont parlé…sauf dans mon portefeuille…car je suis un optimiste entêté qui avait toujours besoin de prouver à l’époque sa valeur basée sur des perceptions fausses.

So, happy for what ? Making someone more rich while we still remain uncertain financially? No not fair…even typical cynical « I have a black friend so I’m on the good part of a society based on perceptions and the truth new nickname is

« arrogant » ´

i wanted to go prudhomme at one point but I was psychology tired of the previous one where I finally became on a positive note though a French citizen….but the attempt to subtils condescending behaviors is a fail for an hypersensitive young man…nothing is subtil when your life is always considered a second class life…. I at a point couldn’t risk the dramatic finale of some workers from companies in France committing the irreparable because psychology destabilizing a human being is hard to take… my own perception was brutal,bitter, delusional golable dreamer; so we parted away by an agreement from her.

Interestingly my name was trashed around by this same head company epitome of percepted class act,and I was called « arrogant », my family assimilation to an arriviste shakespearien by her was full frontal punch without gloves due to a letter initially written to get a more peaceful karma and therefore send a thank you note to someone derogatory for daring come from a well educated family reduce at a disturbing place for daring to Speak UP!

i became all through it the cliché of an angry black man and susceptible for a lot of things ; even angry at some collegues but every time feeling like hell inside I was coming back saying sorry like an idiotic HDP machine….

That also means that I am their supposed party-pooper in a way and it therefore shall give me a kind of Safety space in order to fight equal-ish back .

i just moved in this area following a trial of three years where I, young master degree African Ivorian diplôme earner basically lost his job in a high fashion multicultural company, after a year of an internship basically payless but work full type, thanks to a former French president with a short selected point of view and his then appointed  Minister specialized in the immigration  laws attempts to human rights…

« Laws » where, even if you arrive  in a Country at 16, insecure, cuttie fatty with glasses (it’s my now way to visualize this young me in order to learn to be less hard on myself and reconstruct a a more positive vision in order to change what was done.) so, you build yourself through family sacrifices in order to integrate an expensive business school were you have to put on a ´show’ as a way to feel accepted by the successes of tomorrow….

i was putting a show but I was the opposite and angry at night. I knew it was this entertainment image, Black-ishA : ´noir mais pas trop, et surtout less is more…

the fashion connoisseur  is highly praised thanks to game changers show like sex and the city..and boy I knew my 🎼ashion….it gave me this temporary pass until the laws obviously not designed for you despite following the established code remind you your black label status in order for you to remember to stay in your lane, #meangirlstyle.. #cheers gueant…

( I might be forgetful about the spelling of his name  or

returning the favor of the Humanless  Xminorities care…is it?


i fought for a reinstatement of my basics rights while using those same laws but this time in order to be toe to toe equal twisted ambivalent as they subtil racism in order to stay.

While I was watching one by one some friends getting the boot from their hardly earned dreamed jobs in a highly competitive economy, I choose to fight.

im the most optimistic fighter when it comes to realize my dreams…because life showed me that no matter what.. some precious gifts like a little brother can be gone…just like that…

so be optimistic is my own denial state of mind to cover the pain…

3 years of trial later, with the anger, depression, countless lost of family members (my own Game of thrones wedding episode live from paris while watching the  unwanted director of my Own life turned nightmare movie minority, jobs as a sales man in order to just stubbornly but very genuinely have a fair fight for a really well earned…

job( how very naive ingénu  of me trusting the good human heart…to be fair… but

politicians  are just some well convincing trained actors for the Win of a majority trusTEE, the saint graal of travel to their own twisted egotrip…

#NewwaytotoleratealifenotdesignedforyouBut still a believer…in me with my new more feisty & sassy vision of life.

( trust me on this one it was harsh).


#racism #subtil but still perceptible…

#rejection #poleemploinonsense #BlacklivesMatter

 #Events,#Fashion, #Style, #Music #soundtrack #Life, #People #inspiration  #Quest, #finding #My ,#TrueSelf, #with,#the #help of my,#favorites,#Artist & ✍🏾ife-Mentors:

Hybride de la mode, This is my journey… .

Behind the scenes of

#🎼ashion &


       Through my #soundtrack of #✍🏾ife.

I am a young master degrees Executive diplôme earner from a business school in Paris and an auto entrepreneur fashion dreamer from Ivory Coast and also Brazil descendants; who came here seeing the big opportunities proposed in all the medias by the Canadian gouvernement.

I came in Canada, in order to start over and launch my own project on fashion, after a rough life in France fighting for the same rights as my business school classmates…

All of the websites regarding immigration in Quebec kept saying how welcoming the region was.

To be fair I wanted an New-Yorker Dream in fashion but the news was showing a new era despite evolving in time: the crescent killing and unfair treatment reserved to the black community.

And with our own family game of thrones wedding episode like literally ;

compromise to an attempt to reassure the person you love the most is a choice of Love and appeasing era.

I came here then we a PVT in order to start over. The beginnings were stunningly a perfection…

New environment, new Social life, new Perspectives…

I found a job in an Canadian fashion brand , which I sent a resume to work in communication department. They gave me a “waiting”job due to a restructuring process and it’ll come soon. After seeing nothing changing despite hope and

 we parted ways after 5 months. With experience of life, you develop self preservation and you see that you have to be more egocentric if you want to have a more appealing way to get to your dream…

but psychological damages is brutal but not a

« thing » in the black community  because of the long history of médecine tricking the community in general.

Then I met someone, some call it love….i call it futiles devices..#youaretolerateduntil..this latter happened to be a very well established media persona .

When an awkward social person but very aware of the reality of society and general ways to fight for everything more than the majority labeled better by laws and faith…

Méfiance and trust issues were my resilience. So As I was partly developing a fashion influencer project I arrived with a very good base in term of the new normal in media (11000 followers was my pride and my base to start over with a sentiment that this time is the good one.

Getting introduced to the media industry here was a good easy lucky break for once that I enjoyed a lot without pressure this time because of my unknown knowledge of the notorious characters of the city and i wanted to just go with the flow with a really  more Welcoming peoples here so I earned 2000 more « followers »which if you are a neophyte in social media is your gold ticket to entrepreneurial freedom but a massive amount of work that people in general perception is an easy task is Wrong. You base your entrepreneurial project on a perception that someone have of you based on your sharing stories and gossiping internet trolls who Is rude just because it’s easy to and a more cowardly way to psychologic ruin.So it’s the pleasure of  media events attendings but You have to keep your reality checked and grounded because you have to eat so you have to sending resumes aside to find a correct job in your area as I have a master degree in executive and coming from the fashion world in paris.

Nothing came up and despite my half media figure, I choose though to follow the norms process by linking my resume basically everywhere. I also had a really loving environment people thanks to the surreal amount of the love that the social family and friends from your half pour into you. You find it suspicious of course and the time give you the reality that your mefiantmind was right with the suddenly very quick disappearing distance they gratify you when you, the little daring to be  yourself black proud man but with voice you choose open because it’s normally as things should be. You choose yourself even keeping your appartement despite an uncomfortable urge of your love to move in; you obliged but your guts were rights all along.You are the person that have the best knowledge of yourself normally  and your constant constant need to prove that you can indeed succeed by your work & drive Of fair stubbornness is omnipresent in your head.

i was blacklisted from the powerful welcoming ball that welcomed me @ first with my supposed fierce way to see life that was « refreshing » lol

i made some choices based on what I was able to deal with at the time and be sure that I am a person that have an extremely impulsive way to own his decision. So I did everything my way;letting know your wanting was my choice and I made sure that everything was known by the other half including my lack of love knowledge and my Very uncommon own way to see a world already  shaped by a consensus rigid way #myperception, i wanted to make my own road with my more open way to see life, couples ,and I made sure the we stayed on the same page Until not. It’s basic commun loving new normal ways; gladly stunned by the resilient love in front of me who accepted my own free way to abord life…
thanks also to financial security thanks to a woman, my person, who defy pronostics with a brilliant carreer coupled with some good finances from my previous work myself.

i adore you Mum your astonishing accomplishment in work gave us the level of being able to have the right to choose.

you shaped my fierceness but you’re consensual ways of straight looking love made you more on the side of the other half ways… I love you because we are a black well put family in a society where I can was able to choose Me instead of being another cliché.

My choices were and are always respected and love proved that we were able to survive even fake perceptions that my silence confirmed as a truth without any proof of realness.

some moral supports also from signs and presence, graceful human beings….

My persons whom I grateful forever going still through It but with a little smile for an optimistic fight🌹💙🌹

Being able to be black and having the luxury to own your life choices is not the norm in a powerful white shaped world but I always had my guts telling me that I had this right .

Yes I can and all can with a little trust in ourselves.

i started to let it go and be less méfiant sympathize with the family members of other half that were on the the verge of being expelled from their houses by him without any knowledge of it but the black dude wanted to believe and fight so the family member politician kept his place in the house because I selfishly and fearing for evident reasons that an unfortunate putting this mess on me would happen so I fought for lil K to his hole anyway.

so ungrateful life happened and lil k that I helped keeping  his home without any knowledge of a possible hobo style life would have happened to his without my intervention  also Participed of the cancelled party organized for me; blocking me whitewashing me,while I washed the love become an unwanted war and you fight with what you think is your little fairness left.

of course you lose the already lost cause..because this notorious world has is also full of some others black peoples with the ability to put every vicious way to enter this glam world even putting some shenanigans in order to ruin my couple and place his own bff at my place(I keep receipts of proof but I think I went to moody already…so for this I won’t say or feel the need to uneducated blasts. My love was genuine but some disturbing ways in the notorious world that is only seen in movies made me question my life. So black it up, I chosed myself thinking that truth was the key.

But you have to count in perception, lying incorporated, fake loving from people and you know usual Dynasty like lifestyle.

Nothing came up regarding work searching and I have a huge networking base on top of the media implanted half that you choose to not take advantage of due to already compromis ways of social perception and also love make you take stupid decision because you let your guard and con promise about careers trusting

(there was also the ego part still wanting a fairital ending work success by yourself #delusional)

 regarding  personal projects & my own entrepreneurial dream I was able to develop skills in the creative department.

Then following some family members death coupled with my savings getting lower monthly

( rent of my apt etc) due to no answers from every attempt of finding a correct job aside ,my couple broke despite the fact that it was my first love due to me getting slowly to depression and the briefing explanation up.

When I arrived here ; I launched my work permit renewal with a 1 year and half advanced gap. But due to unknown circumstances, they choose to treat my case the latest time possible which made me get into the 18000 files thrown away due to a new CAC law discriminating foreigners and I am now a French citizen.

My mother believes in my project so she started put all of her widowed and retired savings to help me with the rent etc.

I felt like this announced dream life in Montreal I worked hard for becoming a nightmare and then I snapped and made big mistake because along the way and unfortunate intimacy encounters (hDP symptoms), I discovered some stuffs here which helped me briefly to evade but an important family member passed away and I was sent to chum saint Luc where an amazing team doctors put me I a project to save me from this less than fortunate situation…

( psychology follows up included).

I stepped down from my fashion influencer project which also took basically all of my savings (applications, clothes bought abroad to reduce costs and create original contents etc).

My mother came in to help me start over with me because as her only child she wanted me to get back on my feet( including paying for a travel in paris after my godmother funeral to meet some fashion brands to get original contents for my blog and get back after focusing on health instead of my project ). I also moved to a new Appartment due to unsolicited harassing one night stand slightly Préoccupant .

I therefore received a permanent invitation to apply for permanent residency which cost me money again to due some of my documents lost by the immigration department (some certified diploma included) so it prolonged again the treatment of my file . I made a temporary visa which never arrived to the good address despite me changing it and call and email multiple times (and different multiple interlocutors) . I even contacted some political game changers since they participate in elaborating (whennothingto lose meets desperate inconscience)

The Laws…

So June  2020, due to constant delays reports and laws , fighting a new developed HDP while still believing in my dreams and no appropriate answers from anyone. I even applied to institute Teccart to be able to develop skills for my YouTube channel but I also lost the fees subscription because I learned after that as my permanent selection was on processing I couldn’t even get to apply to school in order to develop my project. but guess what, i developped skills by myself and i learned what need to be learned from home, with love and rage and all in between…

Let be clear here, some poor decisions was made by me but those ways to generally threat us can be more hurtful for someone with a very sensitive HDP…


I had an interview at a company and they signed me a job offer which is in the wait since May 2018.

I even accepted an assistant position proposed through a meeting  website which resulted in a big scam and me getting phished in my bank account aNd my supposed bank counsel designed me as the black guilt just by racism old habits standards and despite me sending ALL the proofs to help their phishing department #receiptproof

  ( desperation at his best isn’t it

at one point you even question yourself to be sure that you didn’t do what a cliché stereotype racism made of your community…

So the road is always long for us but we ain’t going Nowhere….

and if being perceived #arrogant #speakup , #daring….is their way to see me, at least it is a protection for now against some non sense injustice due to futiles differences.

So in order to have the opportunity for a piece the dream, should I also poop all over their injustshit party? Just a sophy’s choice between the cynical & the optimist in me…

so be my guest…

Despite it all I camp optimistic for a good change because I’m a believer….but …when the surrounding of your previous love imitate a cat sound at every appearance you make in order to resume a fair wanting of being equal despite any type of differences or being called miaou as a way to say that seemed to have transformed a tiger in a cat #howdareHespeakup? #allegedly, the rules are no more the same; adding bitterness in breakups & it can become a mess.

So I’m trusting an inpiring princess on this one, who said that we must rebuild until it’s rebuilt…

i m kind of discourage by this French sequel lookalike of my life & im for sure there’s plenty of us…so

Truth hurts a lot in our new normal society based on perception and even more with the choices of career dreams we have but when you are black, your truth is already doomed by a bad perception due to skin color.

you have to be twice the person called majority and if you are sensitive it’s a classic nightmare but with good family surrounding and mostly the the discovery of unknown strength you didn’t know you had in you…

And I’m a fair fighter with a stupid tendency to chose to trust people at first in a world shaped to calculate every little step you take,but the main word here is Fighter!

so be my guest…

I will continue to Dare dream as me,

Yann, Black , Fierce , proud impulse but still keep fighting for all the possibles equally.

Truth can hurt but hey, it’s still truth and honesty saves every one time with a little twist of timing for your telling.



*Au fait le franglais utilisé a une explication simple.
Le français est ma langue de naissance;

( ma langue maternelle étant le baoulé)

L’anglais appris au travers des musiques de mes divas préférées (#helloMC😉) m’aide à parler plus aisément de sujets qui me touchent plus que d’autres;

English is kind my “Sasha fierce” moment #Beyoncé😉

i switch when I need more confidence to let out a painful info…✍🏾
so…ciety rule.

Enough is Enough✍🏾

Hybride de la mode, This is my journey… .

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To my angels above…


Mostly remember that there is a lot of different way to perceive a story but my storyline behind the anger, the insistent request to check facts is that even if you don’t like a person please at least consider facts and help me find why I was attacked  who is behind it or at least why policemen gave an arrest date to a victim and still nothing…he still contact me btw….

10 days after the attack…

Mise à jour :

Wednesday 05/August 2020:
it’s surreal and very weird that today this ex I mentioned contacted my family to intimidate Them with big consequences For a « perception » or  «a fiction »that no one read …

it’s deplorable to intimidate a family member of the victim of an agression, while this latter is waiting to a conclusion of this nightmare.

By the way, I’m doing fine…thanks to a certain someone to not having asked between the 2 threatening calls to my family 🖌

also I was allowed at the time to have the use of all of my pictures and videos for my blog or #forgetfulmuch?


…so answers could help For my case.

Namasté Bitches✍🏾

Une réflexion sur “Black-ishA: « Réflexion de l’époque passée sur la vie d’un rêveur noir perçu minoritaire »

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