français: Nklo kê liké kpa i yo wô!☘️ Je souhaite avoir le don de compassion ; l’intelligence de rester serein face à toute situation inattendue .  avec sagesse; Que le doute inutile, disparaisse de nos vies je crois en mon entourage et mes… Continue Reading →

Notre subconscient absorbe la perception… Ainsi lorsque des personnes affirment que nous sommes  une minorité, notre propre estime s’estompe subtilement. Donnons le meilleur de nous et laissons le Karma agir👣 » Yann🖌 #Montréal , #MinorityReport, ça donne ceci. My dears, #racismsystemique ou lenteur… Continue Reading →

English version: « Always remember that our subconscious mind absorb the perception… so if people tell you that you are a minority, it’s in order to make your subconscious mind perceive it.Our subconscious is a force; by learning again to… Continue Reading →

Il n’y a pas d’extrait, car cette publication est protégée.

Letter to Zemmour, “Zem chère tentative d’être humain culturellement indépendant, Je pensais vous écrire quelques mots…comme ça à la bonne franquette. Chère tentative d’être humain … Je suis un de ces mélanges que vous n’affectionnez pas tant que ça. I,… Continue Reading →

Hey Guys, Let me introduce you to an amazing photographer: Roberto Petruzzi. Roby was born in Rome in 1968. Photography for him is a way to express himself, to represent a small part of who he is without the use… Continue Reading →

Hey guys, Let me introduce you to, Alex Abnett, a fashion and tattoo model from Birmingham UK. This guy has it all… From little geek to sexy model.. a tender look in the eyes which contrast with his edgy tattooed… Continue Reading →

Hey Guys, I just wanted to share with you a music sensation that i had the pleasure to meet : Juliane… Quickly inspired by the RnB and pop sensations such as Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, Juliane also took her… Continue Reading →

Reality… What about the life we want to build but never seems to happen… what about those lonely nights feeling like you can be more than Life but sometimes you can’t catch a break because you feel in your heart that the… Continue Reading →

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