Hey guys,

I wanted to present you my new shoes brand obsession:

Platypus Collective

Platypus Collective was born out of a love for the arts and quality craftsmanship inspired by people’s experiences, our planet and the human beings we share it with.

« We believe in conscious living, where the choices we make – from the fashion we wear to the products we use in our home – should represent our values as compassionate »

« We believe in unique individuality and that everyone should be free to express themselves so long as it is done ethically and consciously.

We believe in the slow fashion and makers’ movements – where the clothes and jewelry we wear and products we use daily, are not mass produced, polluting our planet and harming the creatures we live amongst. »

The idea for Platypus Collective was hatched during a trip to Colombia where one of the founders discovered many beautiful artisan creations, wishing to share them with others.

Upon return home, Nicole and her partner, who together are experienced in design, marketing, IT and business, drew upon their extensive knowledge of the local art scene in Vancouver, BC, Canada and formed the company which is now known as Platypus Collective Co.

Why the name « Platypus Collective »? Because the Platypus is quite possibly the most unique, obscure and interesting creature that has ever existed. In fact, early discoverers, when they came across a dead platypus for the first time, thought it was a joke set upon them by their peers. They thought the animal had been stitched together using various parts from other animals!

« Our goal is to curate the most unique, contemporary and sustainable products created by artisans no matter where they are from.

Which is where « Collective » comes in. We work with artisans and independent designers from around the world to share their handicraft with a global audience who they would otherwise not be able to reach. »

By discovering and sharing the works of artisans from all corners of our small planet, they believe  everyone can have the chance to grow while inspiring others through their own individuality.

« Together we create. Together we succeed. Together we enjoy life as a unique experience while supporting each other in our differences and embracing tthem.»

For this photoshoot, we were able to work with 2 amazing photographer: my amazing mum,

Marie-Antoinette Konan Tano and my friend Clothilde N’dri.

It’s always a team of family n friends effort at yannbass.com🔑

3 styling propositions for the 3 shooting;

The first ensemble was a pair of tartan trousers by Kenzo worn with a black Zara shirt to give a dandy style to your summer.

The second ensemble was a pair of jeans from H&M worn with a light blue t shirt from Berschka for a street wear style.

The last ensemble was a Bermuda customized ripped dotted colored jeans paired with a light pink  shirt all from H&M.

3 ways to look fabulous in your Platypus Collective shoes.

You can check their collection on


Namasté Bitches 🙏🏾☘️