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Hey guys,

It’s been a long time but I was cooking some special things for you here in Africa😉
For a long time ago, I wanted to include some African accessories in my shootings and now the time as come and the wait is over a.ka. Rihanna’s words.

I recently discovered an amazing and talented woman here in Dakar who appear to be one of my aunts: Aïsha CONTE.
Tata Aïsha, as I call her, first was a doctor in pharmacy who decided to follow her dream of creating and elevating the debate of art.
First of all, her amazing look say it all…the hair, the make-up,and the jewels just show the artistry running through the veins of the woman❤️🔑
Her quest of excellency and her goal were to include her African root into her work…
This is how Nyara was born.
Nyara represents a mix of African jewelry, biological cosmetics and well being😉

Going through her creation is like a wonderful travel between the cascades and the prairies of the Fouta Djallon…

The shootings happened between Senegal and Guinée Bissau.
Thus for, I really wanted the atmospheric remembrance of the Peulh culture, very well known for his art of make-up mixed with some pretty originals jewelries.
As you can see, tata Aïsha love to mix different kind of materials.
From leather to bronze, or African gold and silver, the potential of her creations are limitless.
This African hommage speak deeply to my soul…
The shooting in Dakar Senegal was done at my mother’s place which is the ideal combination of African art and modernity.
Shot by Remy Mendy, the accessories are the stars.
The shooting in Guinée Bissau was done at the Ledger hotel by my amazing mum, my inspiration through life, Marie Antoinette Tano.

If you want to know more about the work of Aīsha Conté, just go to her facebook page : Nyarabio or directly to her boutique located at Sicap Liberté III Allées Seydi Ababacar Sy villa 1983. Phone number: 00221 33 867 2707/00221 776348036

Namasté Bitches 🍀🙏🏾