Hey guys,

I wanted to share with you my new fashion brand obssession: m0851.

m0851 is a canadian company based in Montreal.

The products are very diverse and have a high quality standard…

From the leather bags to the jackets, the collection is very eclectic and chic.

Coming from the brillant mind of Frédéric Mamarbachi, his brand is now

a family affair, since he joined forces with his daughter Faye, who’s the CEO of the company.

What I really find amazing about m0851, is the clean and subtle approach of the designs of the products.

As they say, “From the Purity of our Designs emanates simplicity, vitality and contemporary science.”

Innovation is born from experimentation at m0851. Trials and errors are an intrinsic part of life,

and new products are more often than not the result of these experiments.

Frédéric and Faye create products for people that are proud of their identity and that are self thinker. m0851 is for people with a strong personality.

You can express yourself through your new bag or jacket.

The colors of the leather bags are bold; from hibiscus to sequoia, your accessory invites you to a travel fantasy,

emphasized by the choice and quality of the materials used for the collection.

Differents types of leather: Aniline, Brooklyn,Suede, are treated to fight the rain or the snow, you can be sure to have a high quality product with m0851.

The lines of the leather jackets are really aesthetics and modern.

What is particularly refreshing with m0851, is that 90% of the products are made in Montreal 

For over 30 years and despite the challenges, the freedom of creativity and the choice of very high level  materials such as,

grain leather, high-tech fabrics, silk, cashmere, wood or metal, have made m0851, one of the most innovative brand in Canada.

Nowadays,the success story of the brand have cross the oceans and countries.

There is now 18 boutiques located around the world in places such as

Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing and  more.

The products are also available in a select network of retailers in 35 countries.