Histrionique en deficit

 Hello guys,

This will be the last time that I will abord the mental issue of HDP: Histrionic disorder persona.

 I’m YannBass, 🎼ashion 🎼reamer and on


self-love rescovery… je

As a youngster, i was always the one who wanted to propose/impose idéas  to my entourage all the time (family friends etc…)

thiswas mostly perceived as a premise of influencer which eventually became the career I wanted to pursue in fashion.

only, there was twist to this situation because as tile goes by, proposing evolved more on imposing with a a disturbing scent of patronizing which was reall far away than my real goal ve be loved and accepted by the most popular or even the star girls or boys whom had a commun detail, the considered aesthetic perception they reflected on the mass.

this seemed pretty innocent until I put a lot of of weight which resulted for to be more and more eager to be surrounding by the bold and beautiful of my era.

my lucky came as the perfection of best friend and family friend who became my sister for life

: I call her Queen J and she is my sister soul mate

My bff had it it all; gorgeous popular and from a mixed race which was the epitome of perceived better than being black in most part of Africa in general;but here is the thing that might have saved Me from my obsession to surround by golden beauty of my era:

she was and is still the purest person and kindest person I ever met in this toddler jungle social formation.

she was protective and reassuring which resulted in me being more myself when she was there because  she just always told me that I wax fabulous just Thor way I was… Me, this horrendous big perception in

my head that was disgusted by his own weight and who use to tape his big boobs in order to hide their Saginess under my school uniform.

With her I was feeling like in my most confort zone ever that was always only given by my own Queen, my Mum.

Time , multiple changes, including me loosing the “disgraced “ allowed me to go from geeky scotiste nerd from the Bordeaux 1 faculty of science to my medeleine de Proust of study which was brought by a tv shoe which would change my life game forever: Sex & the city with the cultissim Carrie & Samantha who would both eventually blend in my ideal model to follow in life.

There I was : skinny young man studying young Yann studying communication and PR in a paris business school.
i felt during all this-journey that my heart was still here for the best intentions that were sabotage basically all the time by the mouth trained scenic and the city wich resulted eventually in the birth of my evil twin as I called him: Histrionica.

i was feeling so happy to have my inner Sasha fierce that would be fueled more and more by glam , fashion, Unkle Karl when I got my dream internship at kenzo ( LVMH high fashion brand) I thought that I had touched my jackpot life at the time until this March 16th, 2009 when a phone call started the wedging episode of game of thrones in

my family : the death of my baby bro Maurel in South Carolina at 19 from a cardiac arrest during a basketball match.

Histrionica took more and more place due to discovery of forbidden product from my so expensive but yet so kinky business shook couple with the alcohol era in my life.

Time, more deaths in family and movings molded me in a reflection that I sometimes lived and by whom I was also disgusted by.

in the black community on top of that, you weren’t allowed to even biiiyuu but we were mostly designed through our parent bigots conservative dreams.

luckily for me, when mum remaries ,i was bleessd to have a step dad that could literally die for us bus both and despite havin some homophobic Tamar the time operated a 180. to support m’y truth with my Mum…

it’s us 3 against the world. He used to say about us.

And then he went away…

The non talk of psychological problem in the black community didn’t help to reach yo specialist as a first choice but mostly adressed to my angonist Catholic faith witch use to pray the gay away from me as

if it was a curse that had to be eliminated by hands and and pray yelling which all the time resulted in me going dreaming in my head with the intimate conviction at 13 years old at the time or so that I wasn’t the one in the wrong I this stellar parody of contradictions with the disturbing scent of patriarchy.

Back to after papa Desiré death, I knew that the reflection was the same inside out and I reached by myself as a starter to psychology.

So years later, I finally knew this diagnosis that Finally was the answer to my tourmente :

I had an histrionic personality disorder ;

and later when I launched my fashion project, my way of bringing fashion through my own weirdness actually showed me a new way to exude and liberate this social frustration and comprehend my own internal self.

This condition does not define me but I have to coexist with it until I get to me.
through this path I discovered little by little the things that should have been changed in order to go forward and discover my true self …

to conclude,

@CameliaJordana. Only a true artist can help us heal through music. Graceful for you , always thinking outside the box
Spasiba 🎼🌹✍🏾

That’s all…for now




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