Hey guys,

For this new photo shoot, I worked with an amazing team of photographers/directors,

Les Marois


a really sunshine of joy stylist,

Marie Hélène a.k.a Kayenne Mist @buoutfits #instagram ✍🏾

This project was a new way to push boundaries and how, us human being are perceived by the society and the way people have the tendency to label us.

« Gender Fuck » is a way of saying, that it’s ok be unique and that the perception of the people don’t matter as long as you are true to yourself.

Marie Hélène is the owner of a vintage and upcycled clothing shop with a focus on decolonization

and awareness.

This texture velvet dress from her vintage closet in size L cost 40 dollars.

Her shop is located on the Mile end, a really artistry part of Montreal where all the ideas collide in a beautiful way.

 Les Marois, Julia and Charlie are this amazing brother and sister team who shot this project, accompanied by a little short movie.

Their work consists in creating fix and moving images ….

 Go check their website : www.lesmarois.com

The make up was done by @ana_cimpoia on Instagram and the assistant on the shooting was @SebMiron .

Here is the short-movie:


Namasté Bitches🙏🏾🍀