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Hey guys,

 This all jeans look is always a classic😉

The shirt is from Levi’s , the top of classic in term of denim

and the bottom is from one of my favorite high fashion brand: Versace.

funny story, the Versace jeans were originally gold but a little

mistake with my laundry made them blue with some gold reflects on it;

i liked it this way so I decided to keep them😎

Versace have always been on of my favorites Italian brand;

I really loved the Gianni era but I think Donatella brought it to another level.

I even love to keep an eye on the women side of the brand.

Versace is glamour, chic, timeless and owning a piece make feel like

I’m part of a group of

fashion connaisseur🔑👑

Sometimes fashion is about a feeling, a clumsy mistake, anything that inspire you.

The poncho is from Bershka, fall 2016; bought in San Sebastián, Spain.

When I wear it, I feel like a fashionable Superman 🔑

I style this poncho sometimes as a winter scarf…

i also love to wear it when I travel because it’s really comfortable

and fashionable at the same time.

The crocodile skin like shoes are from Minnelli, in Biarritz.

Pictures by Katyparis

Namasté Bitches 🙏🏾🍀