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Hey guys,

 For this photo shoot, we wanted to show some of the beautiful places and monuments in Dakar.

The first place just in front of the sea was  » The walk of the Lions », a really well known place in Dakar where you can walk day or night and enjoy the amazing view of the city👣👣👣

We then went to a beautiful five star hotel in the center of Dakar called  » Sokhamon Hotel ».

This place is a regal to the eyes guys…

Sokhamon means in ouolof : « if I only knew »

If I only knew indeed…

What I love about this place is the beauty of the African architecture mixed with the spectacular furniture like this chair inspired form a bird’s nest in one of the lounge rooms.

Finally, last but not least, in the sea border, the Door of the IIIth Millennium, or Door of Africa, was built in 2001 by the architect Pierre Atépa Goudiaby. This gigantic work is the call of the 21th century.

This monument wants to represent the importance of knowledge which is the key freedom…

The Knowledge brings the communication which brings a more understanding world🔑

Of course the fashion was included during my trip😉

The vest is from Kenzo, the hat and t-shirt from Zara and the jeans were bought in a little boutique in Dakar.

My watch is a Longines.

I’m basically in love with this city now and will show you soon plenty of locations here!

Namasté Bitches🙏🏾🍀