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Hey Guys,

For my second trip on the beautiful island of Gorée, I decided to share

my experience with you…

And it felt like the first time again.

Gorée island was the place were the slaves were waiting before being

sent by the colonial boats toward their destination of horror…

I always knew this story; but walking the path of those heroic people

and thinking about the long road toward the evolution of the black

community, it basically changed my way of thinking.

You have to be proud of your roots, defend your background, always

with peace and communication…

But most of all, we have to respect each other’s despite ALL of our


Love and understanding always bring a better world🔑🔑🔑

Now this cultural place is a beautiful reminder of the past…almost

looking like a cinema set with the bright and colorful colors of the


It’s almost as if those colors where showing some kind of bright future

and optimism, built on the suffering of our people …Those heroic


Always be able to share the love you have inside and always be proud

of who you are and let’s share our differences to bring a better world.

As for the fashion part, may find enclosed it on the pictures.

🙏🏽Namasté Bitches🙏🏾