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Hey guys,

Welcome back to my new adventures in Dakar!

This shooting took place just behind the presidential palace of Dakar.

From this point of view, you can see all the city.

 The new tenant of this place since 2012 is Macky Sall.

For this shoot, all of my clothes were bought on the website wish.com.

This website have all of the items you can wish for at the best price.

My red fedora was bought in the biggest market of Dakar called


I love to buy some pieces and accessories in the most unexpected

places: little markets, cheap websites or even while hunting for some

antiques in one of my favorite place in the world: Montmartre in


 As you can see I love the red color ❤️😍💋😘

Red means love, passion and deep feelings…

I’m a passionate guy who never give up so I guess that’s why…

 You can also see that now, you can easily wear a jogging as a fashion

trend without making it feel too sportswear…

The key is the accessories

My watch is a Chaumet…#Classic

As I always say, be free, be you😉

Namasté Bitches🙏🏾🍀