Black-ishA:«Reflection from the past era into the life of a temporal free pass Black Dreamer »


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i #racismsystemique mon agresseur est un récidiviste et noreaction @marcmillervillemarie

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Merci à tous pour votre soutien. Je répondrai très vite…

J’ai été agressé à mon domicile par une personne dérangée et l’agression était àcaractère haineux. J’ai été dur avec les policiers au départ car il m’ont sans cesse appelé par le prénom de mon agresseur mais les erreurs arrivent et ils furent très réactifs malgré tout. L‘hôpital général  au traitement borderline racially profiled…

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première tentative de suture sans anesthésie …Mon agresseur vit au coin de ma rue et
merci quand meme#nuls

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“i recently had an encounter where I was called “primary and lack of emotion control with a tone of entitlement, this person feeling like not getting an entitled” right”…

while having a very calm attitude towards it…which didn’t erased the fact that I was indeed described as the cliché
“angry black man”.

my usual self, would have done an impulse move because of implausible of anger but,  in the current context, I choose my battles so I decided that this individual  needed Jesus and not the precious minutes of my life to try to

« educate » the person, regarding the impact of  certain Choice of words during this current context.


So, You, how would you do?


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  • My own perception of take on this if I wanted to answer :
  • Dear inconsiderate person,
  • “even your body felt some incomfort in this situation at one point, and this on the other hand empowers your supposed opponent by centuries of unfairness,
  • Darker skin version…

but I think we are more similar than you think and we therefore should level up the world,


So what are we waiting for? »

🎼#Never tired of #fighting🎼

Just #tired of #unfairly fighting


✍🏾#busylineitseems ✍🏾

🎼#Never tired of #fighting🎼

Just #tired of #unfairly fighting #whiteprivilegecanyouhearme???.
✍🏾#busylineitseems ✍🏾


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