Hello guys, Cette page est dédiée à tous mes coups de cœur mode; croisés au fil de rencontres extraordinaires  de la vie, virtuelles ( networking) ou réelles … Vous avez le droit de vous exprimer à travers vos vêtements. From… Continue Reading →

Hey guys, I wanted to present you my new shoes brand obsession: Platypus Collective Platypus Collective was born out of a love for the arts and quality craftsmanship inspired by people’s experiences, our planet and the human beings we share… Continue Reading →

‘ Hey guys, For this collaboration, I worked with one of my favorite brand in Montreal ; Buoutfits ( cf Genderfuck article) and a pretty nice brand from Montreal specialized in customized hat: BlackBurn&Raymond. Blackburn & Raymond are two artists-hats… Continue Reading →

Hey guys, For this collaboration, I had the pleasure to work with an amazing Lithuanian brand: MoneJ. So «Why MONEJ? » «MONEJ »in Samogitian language (Samogitian is a dialect of the Lithuanian language) means « for me ». Everyone has very expensive things that are… Continue Reading →

Hey guys, For this new photo shoot, I worked with an amazing team of photographers/directors, Les Marois and a really sunshine of joy stylist, Marie Hélène a.k.a Kayenne Mist @buoutfits #instagram ✍🏾 This project was a new way to push boundaries… Continue Reading →

Hey guys, I wanted to share with you my new fashion brand obssession: m0851. m0851 is a canadian company based in Montreal. The products are very diverse and have a high quality standard… From the leather bags to the jackets,… Continue Reading →

Hey guys, Being cold doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with your sense of style. Indeed, during a really cold autumn day in the beautiful city of Montreal, I was ironically feeling warm and hot inside; so I wanted… Continue Reading →

Hey guys, This shooting was done in our house in Abidjan, in Ivory Coast by my dear brother and friend, Hermann Kangha📸 We wanted to do this in a sort of a trendy way, reminiscing of the last shoot of… Continue Reading →

Hey guys, It’s been a long time but I was cooking some special things for you here in Africa😉 For a long time ago, I wanted to include some African accessories in my shootings and now the time as come… Continue Reading →

Hey guys, For the second ensemble for the spring issue of Chic Society Magazine, Launa had a very precise idea of what kind of atmosphere she wanted… So we went on the quest of a huge door in wood😉 Montmartre… Continue Reading →

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