• #Zara #JackDaniels #Longines #Mangomen

Hey guys,

For this photoshoot, I wanted a raw desert

style place to contrast with

the all white ensemble.😎

So with my wonderful photographer

Rémy Mendy.

We went to a part of the city of Dakar called *Nord Foire*.

The jacket of the ensemble is from Zara men, such as

the shoes, and the t shirt.

My belt is from Kenzo and my ripped jeans are from Jack Daniel’s.

The watch is from Longines.

I love to show the rock and roll side of me sometimes with the ripped jeans.🔑

Fashion allow you to experiment the crazy part of you.😜

The jacket is in linen, an ideal fabric for the summer…

For the shoes, I was inspired by one of the hairdresser at Didact hair

who told me that it was from the new shoes collection of Zara.

I love the belt all around the shoes which accentuate the rock n roll

side of the ensemble.

The glasses are from Mango Men in San Sebastián, Spain.

Always be free to experiment with fashion, be random, don’t be afraid

to be edgy…Just be you and do it😉.

Namasté Bitches🙏🏾🍀