Hey guys,

For this collaboration, I had the pleasure to work with an amazing

Lithuanian brand: MoneJ.

So «Why MONEJ? »

«MONEJ »in Samogitian language (Samogitian is a dialect of the Lithuanian language) means « for me ».

Everyone has very expensive things that are very personal and

unavoidable. There fore MONEJ is more than an accessory.

It is a message about you, your courage, your peculiarity,

the determination to be yourself,about the real things.

Everyday we carry our crown – everyone is unique.

MONEJ is designed for a modern person who appreciates long-lasting fashion, quality and distinctive style. »

 MONEJ is a combination of classics and modernity for contemporary men and women.
The accessories created by a designer Vilma stand out by their strict shape, elegance and minimalism.
All the accessories are created only from the Italian fabrics of the highest quality, Spanish genuine leather and fur.
Lithuanian fabrics of high quality whose patterns and colors are close to Lithuanian origin are not refused, too.
All the accessories are created with a huge love, accuracy and attention to every detail.
If you are looking for a subtle elegance, high quality and distinctive
style, you have chosen an exactly right place to explore.
For the photo shoot, I had the pleasure to work with a friend of mine Murielle King (photographer and make up artist of this shooting).
For the styling, i wanted something springy , casual and trendy at the same time.
So For that, I did 2 ensembles :
The first one was a Levi Strauss Bermuda jeans paired with a black
dotted shirt from Galeries Lafayette Hommes…
To complete the look, a pair of ranger boots from
Robert Wayne.
The second look was more a nightwear one
with a top , trousers and  jacket from Zara.
The shoes are from Mangomen in Spain.
The MoneJ bow tie can be associated with a sporty, trendy or a classy look.
If you want to know more about MoneJ, here is their website :
www.etsy.com/shop/Monejbowties 😉
Namasté Bitches🙏🏾☘️