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Hey guys,

This shooting was done in Dakar, Senegal, at BCEAO plage.

Ralph Lauren always had a huge impact in my life because my father was a fan;

Also, I was a fan of Rachel in Friends (remember ?she was working for them before Bloomingdales?…)

This brand is chic, sporty and dandy at the same time!

For the shooting, I wanted it to be linked to the brand, hence the decision to find a place where I would be able to ride a horse.

It was an hommage to the logo of the brand.

So we found this lovely beach called BCEAO plage.

Very popular with surfers but also families on weekends, this huge beach will make everyone happy.

You can enjoy a good grilled fish at the restaurant La Paillote or down on the beach, rent a deckchair or a mat on the floor,

in the shade of a pretty straw hut.

The water is usually beautiful, we end up even thinking of the Seychelles beaches.

It is still part of one of the most beautiful spots of Dakar, with its view on the island of Ngor.

The sea is very calm, almost without any wave, which is rather pleasant and rare in Dakar.

At first, i was so afraid to climb a horse because of my vertigo problem, but my desire to be able to achieve the project was strongest than my fear…

Sometimes it’s more important to conquer your fears in order to achieve your destiny.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the fear you feel in life;

but the most important thing to remember, is that we are all more brave than we think…it’s just a trust issue with yourself.

So feel free to be fearless and everyday, try the best to achieve your goals in life.

As for thefashion, the tshirt is from Ralph Lauren, the pair of jeans are from Zara.

My watch is a Longines and the red color of my Tods shoes is a reminiscent of my red logo shirt.

Namasté Bitches🙏🏾🍀