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Hey guys,

This all black look was inspired by a little SM vibes….

indeed, the ropes and nails come from the porn chic in fashion.

This porn chic movement was brought to us by some designers like Tom Ford whom I adore…

He began his revolutionary world in fashion by his multiples statements when he was the creative director at Gucci.

Then all of the High fashion magazines like the Bible VOGUE ( both France and US) followed his lead.

Suddenly by the the beginning of the year 2000, it was ok to sexualize the women clothes in advertising( remember the advertsiment for OPium, the perfume or Gucci?)

Then the male collection followed with it, bringing the homoerotic concept with a new generation of men who took care of themselves and where not afraid of their feminine side: the metrosexual, the hipsters…etc

The SM side of this look come from the T-shirt that I bought on a little market of Abidjan in Ivory Coast.

The hipster side of my look here is represented by my pants called « a Sarouel ».

This trend come from the Middle East men basically and also during the beginning of the Christian Era;

In the fashion world, some brands like Zara (mine is from them) brought them towards 2008 until now…

 Here is a link where you can find some good samples:


Women and men can totally wear it because it’s chic, sportswear and you are really at ease at the same time😉😎

The shoes are from Zara in San Sebastián .

Try fashion via any kind of inspiration!

this is my mantra guys😉

Pictures by Katyparis

Namasté Bitches🙏🏾🍀