A Superman lives among us…Matthieu N’kosi :a story, a bravery…☘️✍🏾

Hey Guys,

I wanted to tell you a story about a young man who reached out to me to share his amazing journey through the fight for his life and dreams……

You see, it took me a long time to begin to write this because…

I wasn’t ready to write about it…

because of my own long family history with cancer…but,

He showed me the way…

And because « because » is not an excuse I am ready now…hopefully…😇

So here it is, and I really hope that you could share this story,

HIS way to recovery and see that you can find bravery in everything, every kind of situation…

Here is the story of Matthieu…

Born and raised in Belgium, this fashion model and basketball lover is originally from Congo and Senegal.

Life hasn’t been easy for this young man,

when he was diagnosed an Hodgkin lymphoma,  

a type of cancer which attacks your white cells;

Then it was the still classical but always harsh and so long road to heal via, chimo, radiation therapy and sometimes it’s even necessary to transplant some new cells into the patient…

Now, the best thing I have to do is to let him tell his story with his own words:

«I grew up in a lovely family who helped me to try everything from art ..music ..nature ..sport and travelling…

I found that basketball was a way to be closer to my African community as most of my friend were playing basketball.

My mom disappeared after my birth and was ejected from the country to not taking care of any of my siblings.

My cancer was diagnosed in 2010 in las vegas …

…I mean started in Las Vegas

I ended up in Europe where I wasn’t a citizen anymore as I spent more than 3 years out of the country…

So I had to get to a social hospital.

They didn’t believe I was sick and they thought I wanted to find a place to stay…

March 2010, i was hospitalized for a week and kicked out like nothing was wrong.”

And then the cherry on top of the cake can arrive by your own supposed healers/doctors who could make some mistakes with your case

and that might makes the arrival to health-town, look like

a very far, far light point…

Few weeks later I was paralyzed and in heavy pain”

…But here is the thing guys, there’s is still this little, barely perceptible light that you see at the end of the tunnel;

This little light is called Hope….✍🏾


“ I came back and they really treated me bad

I finally tried another hospital

They found out after a pet scan and scanner a mass in my spine

Next is history..On March 9th I was sent at 10 am to surgery…

They removed the piece in my spine; 

They told me that I wouldn’t walk again but they had to analyze the things”

So let’s continue to hear his story:

 « One week later they came up with an Hodgkin cancer stade 4

The hospital called the other medecin who never believed a thing about my current situation …

Like wtf happens to you guys ..how did you didn’t see it

I had a lawyer and stuff but my main concerns was keeping all the energy to fight this strong cancer…

Chemo and stuff was a full mess

My parents and friend ..real African sister and best friend sister were around me . Many people from the basketball in Belgium came to visit .

It was 2 years and half in hospital … »


After all of this, even despite all the hurts of some peoples and life it self, Matthieu still kept the optimism in his heart ❤️ 

The only wish he had after all of this was to share his story about resilience to help some other et tell them to never give up despite the roughness of life…

Nobody thought that this basketball and fashion lover could walk again one day….

His faith and strength proved them wrong…

Four years later, Matthieu is back on the fashion industry still as a model,

and he even have been contacted by two fashion designers for the fashion week and a lot of exciting photoshoot

 I m so excited and stressed;

He said to me last time…

Don’t feel stressed Superman; you showed me the way by your bravery 😉

If you want to know more about Matthieu or Matthew Nkosi’s Fashion career, you can check his Instagram account and feel inspired as I was too…💎

So thanks again dear Matthieu for sharing and I hope to cross path with you one day in real life instead of the social media 😇

Namasté guys ☘️❤️✍🏾

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