Hey guys,

This road trip was the most precious to my heart…

Indeed,as some of you may know, New-York has always been my favorite city in the world…

With all  the « gratte-ciel » as we say in french; it makes you feel that everything is possible in life 😉

And you know what? It really is!😍

During our trip, we were located in an amazing hotel called

The Row: 700 8th Ave, New York, NY 10036, États-Unis

In the middle of time square, this place is like no one else in New-York.

The inside of the hotel looked futuristic…like if

the « no scrubs  » video by TLC was remade in a darker version

by my Princess Rihanna.

We went out under the rain, but even the weather could’nt change my

excitement as I had a date

with my city of love…

The feeling was the same as back in 2004…when i came there for the last time…

We ate the typical hot-dog while shopping at Calvin Klein and Levi’s…

The Madeleine de Proust of our shopping day was at my mom favorite’s shopping mall in New-York :Macy’s…

I have always loved the atmosphere in this city…

As the night came by, we went to a really typical southerm meal restaurant were we ate some

chicken , waffles, corn dog, biscuit and the gravy sauce of course 😉

For the occasion, my fashion sense wanted to associate a fedora with a poncho from Roots Canada, paired with some

platforms blue and white shoes from Saks!

The green military bag is from Hugo Boss.

The pictures were taken by my road trip pal: my mom.

Don’t be afraid to be the bold type in fashion!

Namasté Bitches🙏🏾🍀