Hey guys,

Long time but so many new materials coming from my summer experiences 😉

I was lucky enough to discover some new dreamy places in family!

First stop, Ontorio where we were  about see the other side of the Niagara falls here in Canada.

At first, before the organisation of this family trip, i thought that the Niagara falls only existed in the US…

What a nice surprise it was… And the timing was perfect, as it was the celebration of Canada 150th years anniversary.

It’s a mix of bright refreshing colors lost in a very modern city with high buildings!

Like a living painting given to us by mother nature…

This place could have been called « when modern meets nature ».

We walked all along the falls with the water in our faces like some sprinkle stardust.

the Queen Victoria Park allows a very good view of the falls, and evening lighting highlights them.

The falls are also admired from multi-storey towers, boats, helicopters, bridges, cable cars and a tunnel under the


 As for the fashion, i decided to wear some matching watery colors like a light blue jean

Tommy Hilfiger jacket, some gold Michael Kors sunglasses, Calvin Klein ripped jeans.

I decided to accessorize the ensemble with a military green Hugo Boss backpack!

You can see that fashion run in the family with my mum Jean Paul Gaultier Marine shirt and

the bright purple african inpired t shirt worn b my cousin Cedric;-)

Always feel free to mix differents items.

Namasté bitches 🙏🏾🍀