Hey Guys,

Let me introduce you to an amazing photographer:

Roberto Petruzzi.

Roby was born in Rome in 1968.
Photography for him is a way to express himself, to represent a small
part of who he is without the use of too many words.
His work is strongly influenced by the mood of the moment;
hence , this is why it’s so closely personal and intimate.
This is a passion that will include new projets and ideas.
The poetry of his work is about realizing his dream to share these
with the person he loves…
The lights of his pictures are delicate and the ambiance reminds me
of the finale of my favorite tv show…Sex and the city
This moment when Mr Big run after Carrie in Paris’s by night,
accompanied by the music poetry of Mc Solaar…
Pure Magic
If you want to know more about his work, go to his
instagram page @Robypetruzzi.
 Namasté Bitches☘️